How To Get Rid Of a Beer Belly

New Years is around the corner and you find yourself making a new resolution. You’re finally ready to make some healthy choices in life and you’re starting with saying goodbye to your beer belly. Some of your finds may think you’re ridiculous as you’re the life of the party and they can’t picture you without a beer in your hand.

You may find yourself thinking along the same lines as your friends. You may forget about your idea of changing yourself for the best. If you are looking to accomplish your New Year’s resolution then you want to read five easy ways to stick with a New Year’s resolution. You may have all the fun in the world when you’re partying, but hangovers and the beer belly are something one can live without.

A person gets a beer belly by consuming more calories that what your body truly needs. Your body doesn’t burn the extra fat as it may use it later so it’s stored on your stomach until it’s needed. Ironically your beer belly is not actual belly fat. It’s actually stored energy in the form of fat until it needs to be used.

Here are some helpful tips to get rid of your beer belly

Get some inspiration – Find something that will provide you with inspiration so you can succeed and remove your beer belly. Think of something you truly want like more cloth choices, a pleasing body, more attraction, and a healthier lifestyle as this will serve as your motivation. If you dream of having that perfect body, allow that to motivate you and go, get in shape!

Elimination – If you are serious about getting healthy and removing your beer belly there are a few things you need to do. You need to watch your diet. Avoid junk food and sweets. When you’re at the grocery store avoids foods such as soda, coffee, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, chips, sugar and chocolate. It’s not a good idea to bring junk food home. If you have children let them eat your chocolates and junk food so you have no choice other than to eat healthy.

Benefits of being prepared – eating out is not always avoidable. If this is the case, you may want to munch on some snacks before dining out so you won’t have to consume the entire meal. Eating before will help you from over eating. Your stomach will let you know when you are full so when you are full, stop eating and let your stomach digest that food you ate. If you’re hard-headed, reaching your goals will not be easy.

Do not skip a meal – there are many weight loss eating/dieting plans available for purchase. If you are new to weight loss, it may be hard and frustrating to try a diet plan. If you skip meals it won’t help your situation at all. beer bellyFind a diet that fits you, maybe a regular low calorie diet is just right.

Change your source of energy – Enrolling in a gym class isn’t necessary. Basically all you need to do is eat lots of fruits, vegetables and food that are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. You also need to exercise. You could start out with doing sit ups before going to bed. Because of the changes you are making in your lifestyle, you’ll notice changes with your body. If you slack and don’t stay disciplined then your beer belly may sneak back into your life. It’s up to you if you want to be complete rid of it and if so, you need discipline.

Set realistic goals – It’s important to make realistic goals in order to meet your resolutions. For example, if your waistline is 38 inches you could, for the next month, make a goal to reach 37 inches. It’s more realistic to take baby steps rather than saying you want your waist to be 24 inches which would be an unrealistic goal especially if you’re at 38 inches.

The importance of a lemon – When it comes to burning fat, your best friend is a lemon. Take a glass of lukewarm water and add the juice from a half squeezed lemon. This helps jumpstart your metabolism. Not only does it help your metabolism it also cleanses your liver.

Have a hearty meal during breakfast – For breakfast you want to include scrambled eggs and protein drinks. Muesli is also beneficial and often you can get fruitful handmade muesli. It has extra protein due to the 40% nut increase. It’s highly recommended to have 5 small meals a day.

The importance of water – It’s not enough to simply drink water after eating. You need to have constant water intake throughout the day. If you don’t drink enough water you won’t lose your beer belly. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water a day.

You’re friends may think you’re nuts for drinking water and not beer, but hey, it’s your life and you want to be healthier.

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How To Get Rid Of Fat

Perhaps the cruelest irony to body fat is that the fat areas that we want most to go away are the areas with the hardest fats to get rid of. Since the fat remains no matter how hard you try to reduce it, you’re prevented from wearing the clothing you most want to wear. Revealing clothing such as tube tops, short skirts and little dresses just aren’t an option. Many people are stuck with this type of fat because it’s just so difficult to reduce.

For those with the money and desire, the most stubborn types of fat can be treated with a liposuction procedure. This is a procedure where fat cells are literally sucked from your body. This is painful and potentially dangerous. If you are willing to forgo such radicalHow to lose fat treatment, there are some other effective methods that are safer, less painful and that you can do yourself.

The most important aspect in controlling fat and weight is a healthy diet. The hard part is finding the diet that’s right for you that will actually do want you want it to do. The best diets will feature foods with a good balance of fats, sugars, carbs and proteins. The number of total calories you consume will also need to be reduced.

The best way to find a diet that’s right for you is to consult a dietitian. They’ll help you develop a diet full of natural, healthy food and also help you learn how to shop for the healthiest foods. Once you have the food, you may not be familiar with the best way of preparing it. A good cookbook that is based on healthy eating can help with that aspect.

A Mix of Diet and Exercise
The most effective way to shed excess fat is through a mix of low calorie, healthy eating and a good exercise program. The best type of exercise for weight loss is aerobic, which forces your body to raise its metabolism and burn calories. There is a wide variety of aerobic exercise routines from which you can choose, such as walking, running and even dancing. All of these lead to a higher heart rate which is sustained of a period of time. This helps your body use for fat than it generates through the calories you consume.

Other Exercise
The opposite of aerobic exercise is anaerobic, an example of which is weight training. Mixing the two types of exercise together is the best strategy for losing weight. Through weight training, your muscles grow stronger and are better protected against injuries. Other benefits include better balance and the ability to accomplish common daily tasks easier.

Exercises for the Upper Body
The upper body consists of several muscle groups including the deltoids, biceps, triceps, forearms and pectorals. There are several exercises that focus on these muscle groups that are easy to learn and perform. Weight lifting exercises like curls, shoulder presses and pull downs all work the various upper body muscles. The classic bench press is a versatile exercise that works all of the upper body muscles. However, you should learn how to perform the exercise correctly before attempting it.

Mid Section Exercises
The muscles of the lower back and abdominal region are some of the most important areas to strengthen. The abdominal regionhow to get rid of fat consists of several muscle groups such as the abdominus muscles, both internal and external, and the obliques. The back consists of the trapezius area, which lies behind the neck and shoulder area. Exercises such as sit-up, crunches, twisting exercises and many others quickly strengthen this important region.

Lower Body Exercises
The legs form you base of support, making them extremely important to strengthen. The best lower body exercises, which are very effective in reducing fat, are the squat, quad and hamstring lift and calf raises. Since the leg area is such a large muscle group that it requires plenty of rest between exercise sessions. At least a day of rest is required between each session.

Stomach Fat
Stomach fat will begin to shrink away as you burn calories but there are some things you can do to speed up the process. One of the simplest is to drink plenty of water. Water will not only reduce your appetite, but also help flush away body waste. You should also keep your diet low in carbohydrates, which will help your body regulate insulin. Finally, stay away from alcoholic beverages which are both high in calories and negatively affect metabolism.

Though fat reduction may seem hard or even impossible, once you learn what you need to do and get started doing it, you’ll see results quickly. After you shed the pounds you’ll agree that all the work and effort was not wasted.

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