How To Get Rid of Insomnia in 4 simple ways

If you can’t sleep at night, maybe you should try avoiding 4 things before going to bed.

Do not smoke or drink any Caffeine before bed. Caffeine will keep you up as well as Nicotine due to its stimulants. Basically avoid anything that makes your mind or body want to be active.

Exercise More

If you Exercise more you will not only improve your physical fitness but you also release endorphins in the brain which will help you relieve any stress you might be going through.

Try and monitor your Snoring.

If you are snoring at night, then one of your airways is blocked. This could be due to a lot of things. Alcohol consumption, obstructive sleep apnea, the way you sleep, or any nasal problems or even the anatomy of your mouth. You can find solutions for these all, just make sure you figure out which is causing what.

Develop A Regular Sleeping Routine

Developing a sleeping routine is about more than just going to bed at the same time every night. It’s about making the environment in your bedroom conducive to sleeping by doing simple things like limiting light or noise. Make sure you are tired before going to bed. You don’t want getting frustrated at night when you’re moving around. If you can’t sleep for more than 20 minutes, try getting up and doing something that will calm you down. Do not try and nap too late in the evening, an don’t drink too much fluids before sleeping. Avoid food which could bother your stomach at night.

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