How to get Rid of Cramps for Women

Is it that time of the month?  Are you having menstrual cramps?   If you are affected by this every month, then we have some solutions for you so you don’t suffer any longer. It will help you relieve the pain and get rid of any cramps fast.

Eat a banana

Bananas contain potassium, usually helping reduce cramps .

Drink Water

Drink lots of water. The more hydrated you are, the better.


Distract yourself from any pain, and try doing streches and exercises, will help you not focus on your cramp pain.

Avoid Coffee.

If you have coffee you could make your cramps worse.  This includes, cola drinks.

Breathing Right

Use breathing to relieve the pain: Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Sports drinks contain electrolytes, which help regular cramping.


Acupuncture works by balancing out the qi (or energy deficiencies) in the body. In the case of menstrual cramping, the qi imbalances are found in the spleen and liver area.


Don’t wear clothes like, jeans, elastic pants or tight waisted jeans that are really tight on you.  Wear loose fitted clothes until your menstrual period is over.


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How To Get Rid Of Cramps

It’s difficult for women to shop for the right kind of shoes, dresses, accessories, handbags, or jewelry. As women go to work regularly, they may be harassed on the way and even while working. There may be something else that’s more worse than the aforementioned feminine woes. Once a month, a woman goes through their menstrual cycle, or “period.” It’s a natural bodily process that alters the uterus and affects the ovary. This is for the sole purpose of sexual reproduction. Normally, menstruation is accompanied by painful cramps. They can be mild to strong. The below tips may help get rid of even the sharpest menstrual cramps.

Heating Pad

A heating pad is commonly used to temporarily relieve any kind of bodily pain caused by inflammation, injuries, etc. It will serve just as well with menstrual cramps. A plug-in heating pad with temperature control is best. Lay down on a couch or bed with stomach facing up and apply the heating pad to it for 15-20 minutes with the product plugged in. Toggle the button to set the appropriate heat level. This is a perfect opportunity to close your eyes and rest. Set an alarm for 17 minutes to avoid over-resting. Using a heating pad for an extensive period of time may end up doing more harm than good.

menstrual cramps removalPain Relief Medication

For more of a lengthier solution, try over-the-counter pain relievers. You have many at your disposal. Tylenol, Motrin, and Aleve are just to name a few. Ensure that the over-the-counter pain medication of your choosing is an NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug).


Do stretching exercises that involve the abdomen and back. Stretching the abdomen and back may provide some comfort and relief for whenever cramps arise. Performing regular exercises such as running, swimming, or cycling would resolve cramps as well.


Water is a vital component in everyone’s daily lives. It regulates bodily functions. Drink the normal recommended amount of 8 cups of water a day.

Chamomille Tea

Hot chamomille tea may help soothe menstrual cramps by relaxing your body. Chamomille provides overall comfort and tastes great!

While menstrual cramps may be intolerable at first and interfere with a woman’s day, the handful of tips above will help get rid of those cramps.

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