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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

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Warm weather allows Mosquitoe eggs to become an adult in like a week. Mosquitoes bite millions of people every year . The thing is, we’re not always huge fans of conventional mosquito repellants on the market, which often irritate the skin. In the interest of seeing if there are chemical-free remedies, we have listed below a list of home made remedy’s you can use.

1. Use Beer
2. Wear White Clothes
3. Eat Garlic
4. Vaccuum
5. Mouth Washs
6. Anti Mosquito App
7. Chives
8. Fabric Softener Sheets
9. Dish Soap
10. Soda
11. Bubble Machine

To learn more details on these 11 ways of how to get rid of mosquitoes click here.

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