How to Get Rid of Ants

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Ants come inside your house because they’re attracted to your food.  Food could also be used to repel ants as well.  A good home made solution is spraying them with lemon or peppermint-flavored water.  Below are more way of how to get rid of ants by using different traps and chemical insecticides.

Stop them from invading your home

The best way to get rid of a house pest is to prevent it from even considering your home an easy target. Hence, deterrence is a prime focus for every homeowner potentially susceptible to an ant invasion.   Make sure you barricade your home properly.  Ants are small, and they can fit into any crack  through any part of the home.  You won’t be able to see them all, but if you see a parade of ants then you’ll know you found your problem.    Seal windows, doors and any cracks the ants crawl through caulk.    Get some baby powder, or chalk powder, and sprinkle all around the home’s entrances and windows.   Also if you want apply, vinegar in those areas as well.

Kill the trail

Find the ant trail, and wipe it off together with any ants on that trail.  Then spray that trail, with soapy water, and then spray some vinegar on that trail to repel them from using that trail.

Kill the Scout

Scouts are the lonely ants you see on their own.  If the scout detects any food source, then it will run back and inform the nest, to where they will send in their troops to collect the food source etc.  So in order to stop this invasion from happening you will need to squish the scout ant.  Usually alone, and roaming around.  You can tell for sure who they are.

Follow the Trail

Might as well follow the trail, and find the ant nest.  If you don’t want any more problems, then its time to kill off the ant nest.

If you can find the source, carefully dig  the soil and pour several gallons of boiling water into the nest. That should take care of the entire colony.





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