How To Get Rid Of A Bully

How To Get Rid Of A Bully

School is a great opportunity for people to be educated, obtain new skills, establish connections, and lead a successful life. Like all other places, school has its cons. The food is alright, some teachers are torturous, and the school that you attend is not ranking high in the education system. Then, there are bullies. Bullying is typically carried out in the form of low-level violence, but a bullying session can escalate into more of a violent situation. Bullies are no different from anyone else, in light that they’re weak… a way. There are ways of dealing with a bully and getting rid of them.

Ignore Them

Bullies can be found anywhere on the school’s premises. There’s more than likely to be some waiting inside by the front entrance. Sometimes, there aren’t. They could be bullying elsewhere or skipping class. Because of the possible inconsistency of the appearance of bullies there, you take the front entrance to get to class. If bullies happen to be nearby and verbally insult you, then tune them out as you proceed to your class or destination. Don’t even look at them. There’s a good chance that they’ll get bored and become disinterested in you.

Fight Fire With Fire

bully removalSome bullies are persistent and won’t rest until they’re satisfied. If they approach you in a group and manage to torture, humiliate, or do both to you, then rally up some of your friends in school and tell them what happened. Have them accompany you to class and wherever else possible. Don’t have them approach the bullies. It may look just as bad on your part. Let the bullies approach while your friends in school are beside you. The bullies will back off.

Stay Close To Adults

Teachers and any other faculty member will serve as great alternatives for school friends. That’s if you don’t have any. Whether you do or don’t, teachers are the best people to go to when trying to deal with bullies. Hang out with them at the end of class and after. Adults are usually good at being intuitive when it comes to seeing if a child or teen has a problem. Broach the subject with your teacher. Inform them that you’re being bullied. State the name of the bully, or bullies, if possible. Don’t be discouraged in doing this. Depending on the severity of the bullying, telling your teacher is the only solution.

In addition to telling your teachers about you being bullied, tell your parents as well. This will provide you with further protection and bullying will come to a halt.

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How To Get Rid Of A Bad Tattoo

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Tattoo

Body modifications date back way before our time, beginning with ancient tribes. Eventually, body “mods” became increasingly popular. Today, there’s a considerable amount of body mod enthusiasts. Society contains groups where body modifiers or those who just hold an interest congregate. They may also support one another. Body modifications can also be cultural, aside from simply being an interest. A tattoo is a very common form of body modification in present society. There are two types of tattoos; henna and permanent. Henna tattoos are temporary. As for the other type, one must be careful with what they want on their body. There are ways of getting rid of a tattoo if it ends up being a bad one.

Consult With Your Tattoo Artist

Whoever worked on your “tat” should have some knowledge on how to get rid of a bad tattoo, whether it takes weeks, months, or a year. If anything, then they can provide you with a name of a doctor or two (maybe even a list) that can be of further assistance.

Over-the-counter Items

bad tattoo removalThere are much more expensive avenues to take to get rid of a bad tattoo. First, consider using a skin care cream that contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid penetrates and exfoliates the skin. If the skin care cream containing glycolic acid doesn’t work, then try one that contains alpha hydroxy acid. Remember to use these products in accordance with the instructions that come with them.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peeling will gradually eat away a tattoo. Although there are over-the-counter chemical peel products available for you to buy, it might be best if chemical peel treatment is administered by a dermatologist. Consult with one for more information. Multiple chemical peel treatment sessions will most likely be required for a tat to be gone.


The most costly route to take is surgery. If you have the money, then you may want to get right into this method. Types of surgery that you can choose from to remove that bad tattoo are skin grafting and laser. While these guarantee the removal of a bad tattoo, scarring may occur and some complications may arise. Consult with a doctor for more information.

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How To Get Rid Of An Ex-girlfriend

How To Get Rid Of An Ex-girlfriend

Ex-boyfriends can be a drag. They won’t get over the fact that their ex-girlfriend broke up with them by going the extra mile to stalk or wait at their doorstep for an audience. Some may even not rest until they get their ex’s new contact information. Ex-girlfriends are just as capable of being obsessive. Your girlfriend’s physically and mentally attractive, yet she is the clingy and jealous type. You tried to sit her down to discuss this matter, but she continues to act in the same fashion. So you break up with her. But, this turns out to not be the end for you. There are ways of getting rid of your ex-girlfriend for good.

Change Your Contact Information

This should be done immediately. Change your cell phone number to no longer receive calls or text messages from your ex-girlfriend. This includes email. Get a new email address. It’s easy and won’t take long to set yourself up for a new one.

ex-girlfriend removalOccupy Your Mind

Keep your mind busy by filling up your schedule with events whenever possible. Attend a yoga class after work. On Friday night, plan something with a group of friends. As for Saturdays, go to the beach with the same group of friends or a different one. You may alternatively discover new interests and hobbies. The key is maintaining distance and not giving any kind of attention to your ex-girlfriend’s continuous calls, emails, and texts.

If you happen to see your ex in public and she acknowledges you, then just say a friendly “hi” or “hello.” Don’t update them on your life. Keep the conversation short and simple. Tell your ex in a firm and straightforward manner why you broke up with them and that you wish to be left alone, only if she broaches the subject.

Restraining Order

As a last resort, file a restraining order against your ex-girlfriend. This is assuming that you two already encountered one another and you explained to her how you felt. Once a restraining order’s filed, your ex must comply and honor it. Violating a restraining order means severe consequences.

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How To Get Rid Of An Ex-boyfriend

How To Get Rid Of An Ex-boyfriend

A man and woman fall in love after a few dates. The two persons both agree that they have chemistry and are good for one another.They officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. Things go well for the newly couple for a year or two. There’s an end to a majority of relationships. And so the aforementioned man and woman reach theirs. But, the boyfriend didn’t want a break-up. A boyfriend that didn’t want to break-up in the first place is more than likely to continue pursuing his now ex-girlfriend. There are ways of getting rid of an ex-boyfriend.

Opt For New Phone Numbers And Email

This is the first thing that you should do. Cutting off verbal means of communication will make your life much easier knowing that ex-boyfriend of yours can’t call or text you any more. Call your cell phone company as soon as possible to have your cell phone number changed. Change your house phone number as well. For maximum protection against your ex, register for a new email address. It’s free and will only take a minute.

ex-boyfriend removalSaturate Your Weekly Schedule

Consistently having a busy schedule every week will help neglect your ex-boyfriend, who’s still being persistent. Eventually, he will get tired of pursuing you and will stop. Then there are guys who won’t. It all comes down to who they are. The next method will guarantee protection from guys who won’t give up.

Restraining Order

View this method as a last resort. If your ex-boyfriend’s still showing up at your frint door or somehow finding out where you go, then warn them that you’ll file a restraining order if they continue to pursue you. Verbally warning them, alone, will most likely work. If it doesnt, then you know what to do.

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How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps

Shaving has grown to become a weekly necessity amongst most of today’s people. A male that’s clean-shaven or a female whose legs are shaved may resemble good personal hygiene. And, there are those who rarely shave or don’t shave at all. A majority of today’s society may frown upon not shaving. But, those who don’t shave often or never shave don’t have to worry about razor bumps. Men and women are susceptible to razor bumps, and can put a damper on their lives if not handled. A fair amount of things can be done to get rid of razor bumps.

Don’t Shave As Much

The longer you grow out your facial hair, the less likely you are to get razor bumps. If your facial hair grows faster than others or you just prefer to maintain a clean face, then shave once every 4-6 days instead of every other day. Same rule applies to women. Be sure to shave in the direction of which the hairs are growing. Don’t shave too aggressively and closely. This applies to the usage of razors and electric shavers. If you’re going to use a razor, then make sure that you apply shaving cream to the area(s) that you want to shave. Wet the area(s) with warm water thoroughly first. As for the razor, wet it with warm water periodically as you shave.

Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment

razor bumps removalGlycolic acid is an ingredient in a majority of skin care products. It penetrates the skin and helps get rid of a handful of skin conditions. A glycolic acid peel would work even better against razor bumps. Consult with a dermatologist for more information and how to go about receiving glycolic acid peel treatment.

Salicylic Acid Peel Treatment

Salicylic acid is also found in many skin care products. If glycolic acid peels don’t work for any reason, then salicylic acid peel treatment may work. Consult with a dermatologist for more information and how to go about receiving salicylic acid peel treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Razor bumps lead to ingrown hair in a considerable amount of cases. Ingrown hair can cause inflammation, redness, and discomfort. If you can afford this method, then you may want to opt for laser hair removal treatment. As a result of laser hair removal, the ingrown hair folice (s) will be gone.

Razor bumps may go away within a month if not tended to. A dermatologist can recommend other alternatives if you don’t want chemical peel treatment. In addition to the aforementioned tips, hydrocortisone cream will help with inflammation that may accompany razor bumps.

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How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin

How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin

Human skin is considered to be the forefront of what’s inside the body. It serves as a coating, a protectant, a shield, a casing that holds blood in and everything else together. The skin is a vital component of the human body. Therefore, skin must be monitored and cared for every day. There are people whose skin is more sensitive than others. Regardless of skin sensitivity, anyone is susceptible to having flaky skin. Flaky skin can be a mild or severe situation. Whether it’s a serious case or not, there are ways of getting rid of flaky skin.

Avoid the Sun

The sun may be millions of miles away from the Earth. However, the power of the sun isn’t to be underestimated. Standing or sitting out in the sun without sunscreen will result in skin shedding. Even with sunscreen, flaky skin may still occur. Stay indoors whenever and as long as posslbe to allow time for your skin to stop being flaky and heal. If you need to go outside and it happens to be sunny, then be sure to wear sunscreen. This is to reduce further complications and provide at least some kind of protection.

Bathe with Warm Water

flaky skin removalBathing or showering with cold water will gradually freeze the skin and cause it to crack. Hot water will gradually make the skin dry. Therefore, washing with warm water will be ideal. Bathe or shower once a day. Your skin will dry up quickly and possibly blister if the body comes in contact with water often. Use unscented bars of soap to clean yourself with. Body wash or soaps that contain antibacterial agents are likely to do you more harm than good in the case of flaky skin.


When your throat’s dry, you drink water. Same principle applies to flaky skin. Jergen’s Lotion is a good moisturizer and would treat flaky skin well. Apply a nice coat of moisturize to the affected area(s) after getting out of a bath or shower. Be sure to dry yourself up before applying moisturizer. Do this once or twice daily after bathing or showering. Having a humidifier around will be a plus for when not bathing or showering.

Don’t apply any form of cosmetics to the affected area(s). They contain chemicals and other ingredients which may make the matter worse. If your flaky skin problem is paired with a rash, then take oatmeal baths with warm water in place of a regular bath. Seek medical attention if it’s more than just skin shedding (itchiness, swelling, redness, persistent rash, etc) and none of the mentioned tips work.

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How To Get Rid Of Data On A Samsung Galaxy Note II

How To Get Rid Of Data On A Samsung Galaxy Note II

Like all other technological-based companies, Samsung started off simple and small. This company actually manufactured a computer of their own, although it wasn’t in competition with the Mac by Apple Inc. Samsung’s computer was only available in Korea, yet it showed what the company’s capable of doing. Cell phone technology is all about smartphones and android phones. Today, Samsung’s latest cell phone “phablet,” the Samsung Galaxy Note II, is a hit. As a person uses one, it stores personal info and data. There is a way of getting rid of data on a Samsung Galaxy Note II if the user ever wishes to do so.

Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone Forever

Similarly to all other electronic devices, data can’t be retrieved once it’s wiped from a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Data may include contacts, e-diaries, notes, reminders, apps, photos, and videos. Therefore, you may want to consider backing up data first before going right into wiping the Samsung Galaxy Note II clean. This can be done by connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note II to the computer via the USB cable that came with the product. Once the device is connected and the computer “reads” it, refer to “My Computer” to locate the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Double click on it to bring up a window showing the files that are contained within the device.

samsung galaxy note II data removalCreate a new folder on your hard drive or desktop and copy and paste desired data into the folder you’ve just created. To back-up contacts, access the contacts menu to display contact info of others that was manually stored. Then, select the menu key and press “Merge with Google.” Select the menu key again and press “accounts.” Note that a Google account is required for this method of backing up contacts to work. Having a Google account is free.

The Process

Press on the “Applications” icon at the main menu screen. It’s located at the bottom of it and is the very last icon. Then, press on the “Settings” icon which resembles a cog. At the very bottom is the “Back up and reset” option. Select this, followed by “Factor data reset” under the “Personal Data” category. Carefully review this screen, especially the “Format USB storage” option. If the box next to this option is checked and you press the “reset device” button, then any music, photos, and videos that was on the device will be erased along with everything else. Uncheck the box to prevent this from happening. After pressing the “reset device” button, you’ll be asked one more time to confirm that you want to wipe the Samsung Galaxy Note II clean. Press “erase everything” and leave the device alone to do its thing.

In the back up and reset menu, there’s an option available that backs up app data, passwords, and other similar data to Google. While this may be very convenient, it’s vital to review Google’s privacy policy and be cautious.

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How To Get Rid Of Data On An iPhone 4

How To Get Rid Of Data On An iPhone 4

Apple Inc. has come a long way since the fat computer monitor with a rainbow-colored apple logo imprinted on it. But, so have other companies. Apple Inc. is in considerable competition, even with it’s notorious and commonly purhased product, the iPhone 4. As you use the iPhone 4, the device may store personal info and other data. Luckily, an iPhone 4 allows you to erase data. This includes apps. Whether you want to get rid of certain applications, have a clean start to your iPhone 4, or prepare the device for selling, getting rid of data can be done and is a simple task.

Be Aware Of What You’re Asking For

Once data is erased from an iPhone 4, it can’t be retrieved. Be aware of this when thinking about wiping your iPhone 4 clean. If all that you want to do is get rid of certain apps, then press and hold on any icon at the main screen that resembles the app you want to delete. All icons will wiggle and each will have an “x” button will appear at the top left corner. Locate the desired app that you want to get rid of and simply press the “x” button once on the icon. You can do this with other apps while in “wiggle mode.”

iPhone 4 data removalBack-up Your Data

You may want to back-up any customized settings and/or preferences to avoid investing too much time into setting up your potential new iPhone. Backing-up this kind of info can be done by opening up iTunes on a computer, plugging in the white compatible USB cable to an available USB port, and connecting the iPhone 4 to the USB cable. Allow iTunes to connect to the iPhone 4. Once it does, locate the device in iTunes, right click on it, and click “Back Up.”

The Procedure

Press on the “settings” icon at the main screen. Then, scroll down until you see a “general” tab. Press the general tab and scroll all the way down to access the “reset” option button. You’ll be taken to a menu of options, one of which is the “Erase All Content and Settings” option. Press on this tab. Input your 4-digit password key afterwards if necessary. A prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen, asking you to confirm that you want to erase everything on the iPhone 4. Select “Erase iPhone” and leave the device alone so it can perform the task.

Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes before backing up data.

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How To Get Rid Of A Tan

How To Get Rid Of A Tan

Tanning has become a very common activity amongst people in today’s world. Most tanners consider tanning to be a beauty enhancer, while some think that it’s just simply unattractive. And you know what, a tan can ruin your appearance if done too often and improperly. You’re going to get a tan one way or another, whether you visit a tanning salon or simply walk around under a scorching hot sun. Fortunately for those that dislike tans or unapprove of one, there are ways of getting rid of a tan.

Avoid Sunlight At All Costs

This includes remaining indoors between times 10am and 5pm. The sun is at its peak during those hours. Unless the sun’s not out, you may go about outside freely. Being exposed to the sun at any time may prolong the disappearance of the tan you’re trying to get rid of. The sun isn’t to be underestimated, even if its rays aren’t at their strongest.

tan removalExfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Skin will shed, similarly to a snake or lizard. This is normal, for it typically results from a tan. Exfoliating the skin will take care of the shed skin, or dead skin cells. Additionally, exfoliation is healthy for the skin itself.

Lemon Halves

A lemon is well-known to be an all-purpose cleaning agent for both bodily and non-bodily annoyances. Cut a lemon in half and dip it in a bowl of baking soda. Baking soda’s also highly considered to be part of the arsenal of bodiy and non-bodily cleaning agents. Rub the baking soda lemon halve on the tan that you’re trying to get rid of. Rub for a few minutes and leave the area alone for five. Rinse off and bathe as you normally would. Be sure to use soap or the desired body wash.

When bathing, be sure to use warm water. These tips will quicken the time it takes for getting rid of the tan you want removed. Tans go away on their own, but take awhile to do so if you don’t do anything to them while avoiding sunlight.

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How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Feet

How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Feet

Sweat can be a serious issue, whereas it may be embarrassing in small to large amounts. Although sweating is natural, it’s also mostly frowned upon. Sweat can actually be linked to a medical or psychological issue, as opposed to simply standing or sitting underneath the sun. A person’s capable of sweating anywhere: armpits, head, hands, and even feet. While sweaty feet may not be as noticeable as sweaty armpits, head, and hands, it can be an extreme personal matter. There are ways of getting rid of sweaty feet.

Wear Certain Socks

Like your armpits, feet need to breathe as well. Avoid wearing socks that contain polyester or nylon. Polyester constricts more to skin. Wear socks that are of cotton or wool material. Cotton and wool socks are much more comfortable and healthier for your skin.

Wash Your Feet

sweaty feet removal

Bacteria is capable of getting anywhere on your body, including feet, and may be responsible for sweaty feet. Whether you wear socks or don’t, it’s important that you wash your feet daily. Scrub the top and bottom of each foot with soap and warm water. Make sure to wash in between the toes. Thoroughness is crucial here.

Change Socks Regularly

Some people may not know that the body sweats while in sleep mode. This includes feet. Change into a new pair of socks the following day upon waking up and every day after that. If you plan on exercising that morning, then change into new socks after exercising and showering.

Baby Powder

Besides baby powder being commonly used on babies, it can also serve as a sweat absorbant. Put some baby powder on your hands and rub down both feet with the powder. This should be done after showering. Your feet must be completely dry for the baby powder method to be effective. Put on socks immediately after you rub down both feet with baby powder.

If none of the tips mentioned above work, then consider botox. Botox is confirmed to be effective for treating armpit sweat. What it does is the ingredients contained wihin botox interfere with signals that the nervous system is emitting to the sweat glands. Consult with a doctor for more information.

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