How To Get Rid Of Dust

How To Get Rid Of Dust

The weekend is finally here. Ever since Monday and on, you planned on not doing anything but relaxing at home and reading a book along with a glass of red wine by the pool as you bask in the sun. And, maybe go shopping after. Your weekend is ruined as soon as you notice that dust is invading your home. You notice that the blinds have cobwebs and the entertainment area has dust bunnies zooming within its confines. The place needs some serious dusting. It may cut into your weekend or day off, but getting rid of dust is a must!

It’s Mostly In The Furniture (and vacuum)

Couches and chairs that are composed of any material other than leather is more prone to harboring dust. If you can afford to, then replace whatever furniture’s not leather with leather furniture. Otherwise, do so at a gradual pace (buy one piece of leather furniture once a month and so on). If you wish to stick with your current furniture, then you may have to dust current furnishings twice a week. Besides that, once a week is sufficient. Consider replacing drapes with blinds. They’re easier to clean and don’t take long to do so. When vacuuming, be sure to get the edges and corners of the entire room. Don’t forget to vacuum under beds too!

dust removalInspeaking of flooring, it’s best that you have hardwood floors. Like blinds, they’re much easier to clean and don’t take up much of your time. Carpets and dust share the same relationship that non-leather furniture and dust have.

Don’t Sweep. Mop.

You can sweep the dust into a dust pan all you want. One way or another, some of that dust will escape into the air and land back onto the floor. Instead, mop up the dust. Dip the mop into the bucket filled with water and squeeze some of that water out of the mop. All that you need is some water to help pick up that dust.

De-clutter Your Home

Get rid of things that you don’t need, whether they’re stored or have been laying around out in the open the whole time. Clutter serves as a home for dust. Organize whatever items you wish to keep. Basically, tidy up your home. Maintaining this kind of lifestyle will contribute greatly to getting rid of dust.

When dusting, be sure to be thorough. If you need to dust tall furniture, then start from the top. Take a break or two when desired. Just don’t forget about that dust!

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Many people have one or more fears, including insects especially. Why do we fear insects? One of the reasons why is arguably because of their appearance. The grasshopper may be intimidating due to its size and structure. Another reason is because of insects unpredictable nature. Although bees usually go for flowers to pollenate, they may also decide to sting a child. There are people who are afraid of even harmless insects such as the typical worker ant or ladybug. One of the most commonly feared insects amongst today’s society is the spider. Spiders may be the most intimidating insects to walk the earth. However, there are ways of getting rid of them.

If The Shoe Fits….

Spiders are generally fragile creatures and mostly require a napkin to kill. If you feel that the spider you encounter is alittle too big for a napkin, or even paper towel, then use the bottom of your shoe or sneaker to kill it. Be sure to wipe the bottom of the shoe or sneaker clean from the kill. You may want to scan the premises for any sign of “nesting,” especially corners of a room. Spider eggs are normally white. Wear rubber gloves and carefully scrape off the eggs into a plastic bag using paper towel. Take care of any spider webs that you may come across as well. Throw out the bag immediately once you’re done egg-hunting.

When There’s Light, There Are Spiders

removing spidersA spider’s diet usually consists of just about anything, including other insects! Leaving your porch light or any other kind of exterior light (ground light, etc) will attract flies and other insects. Spiders will also join the party. Thus, you’re providing food for them, in a way. Have your porch light and other exterior lights (if applicable) remain off. If your porch light and/or exterior lights support motion detection, then switch to motion detection mode or set it up in a way where the lights won’t always remain on.

Cut Off The Food Source

Crumbs and opened or improperly sealed containers/bags of food attract insects other than spiders. But, when you invite these insects to dinner, spiders will dine too. Although they’re more than likely to eat the insects you’ve brought to the table instead of your food, you now have a new problem on your hands. As implied earler, spiders follow wherever the insects go. Clean up after yourself every time after you eat. This includes washing any dishes and utensils you may’ve used and catch any crumbs you may’ve made. Be sure to store and seal food properly.

Clutter-free Is The Way To Be

Besides food, dust also attracts insects. As you now know, or may’ve already known, insects attract spiders. Clean your home once every week or two. This includes vacuuming, cleaning furniture, and wiping down windows and countertops. For wooden furniture, use Pledge. Remove anything out from underneath of beds if necessary. Replace cardboard boxes with plastic storage bins so that spiders can’t contaminate your belongings. Never leave anything laying around.

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How To Get Rid Of Mold

How To Get Rid Of Mold

Many things are afloat above us; mist, fog, insects, bacteria, etc. There are even things floating about inside your home. One in particular is commonly existent amongst most households; mold. Mold is a fungus that can grow on anything it comes in contact with. Common targets for mold are food, wooden furniture, and tiled walls or floors. While humidity and warm temperatures serve as the main ingredients for mold, it’s possible for mold to thrive in warm to cold temperatures. But, this is somewhat unlikely. Regardless, the tips below will help you maintain a mold-free environment.

Washing Clothes Regularly

Everyone’s weekly routine should consist of doing laundry, especially when they or someone in the family are usually in places that are very humid or warm. Respectively, there’s a significant chance that their clothes caught mold. To deal with mold in this matter:

– take the affected articles of clothing outside and give them a quick brush-down.

– quickly wash them with soap and water and try to have them dry in the sun.mold removal

– place into the washer, along with 1 cup of vinegar for each load. Vinegar has been a traditional cleaning agent for decades and is still used today. It will help remove mold stains and the scent it carries.

– bleach would be a fairly good alternative. Be sure to read the label of each affected piece of clothing before considering bleach.

Clean Your Bathroom

People are more than likely to witness dark brown to black spots on tiled walls or floors numerous times. This indicates that your bathroom is undergoing a mold invasion. A solution of one cup of chlorine and a gallon of warm water will do the trick here. Before going in to do the job, make sure that you’re wearing proper attire: eye protectant (goggles), gloves, surgeon mask, long sleeve shirt, pants, and sneakers or boots. While some of this may seem redundant, it’s always best to be safe. Dip a scrubbing brush into the solution and apply it to the affected area(s). Allow approximately a few minutes for the solution to do its thing, then go over the affected area(s) with a wet cloth.

Monitor Wooden Furniture

This may include even furniture that’s not entirely made of wood, but have wooden components. Anything that’s wooden is susceptible to mold, A solution consisting of soap or dishwashing detergent and warm water would suffice here.  Place a cloth into the solution and rub down the affected wood.

It’s critical that you don’t breathe directly into the direction of where the mold is as you’re eliminating it. Furthermore, proper ventilation in your home would play a huge role in preventing mold from developing. One last thing to know is there are sources for mold, similarly to any other bacteria or fungus. Contact a professional to help determine if there are any sources of mold on-site. If there are, then a professional can get rid of them.

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How To Get Rid Of Hair

How To Get Rid Of Hair

Hair could be a nuisance in our every-day lives. Mostly everyone could relate to a hair or two falling off of their head and landing onto anything or anywhere within the perimeters of their present position. This may be just the beginning of “hair problems.” Dogs and cats inevitably shed hair. It’s a natural common occurrence amongst these sort of pets. Dog and cat hair are arguably one of the top annoyances today. Their hair tends to stick to mostly any object it comes in contact with. Dog and cat hair commonly become “glued” to furniture, specifically chairs, couches, and beds. Fear not, for there are a good amount of avenues to take for combating these “loose ends.”

Lint Roller

A regular lint roller works just as well on dog and cat hair as it does on your basic daily lint or other microscopic particles. Lint rollers contain an adhesive which picks up those pesky little hairs or pieces of lint off of your clothes or furniture. You can purchase a lint roller at your local Walmart, Target, or pet store. They’re also conveniently available online. Masking tape would serve as a great alternative, since it essentially behaves similarly to a lint roller.


The vacuum is just as capable of extracting dog and cat hair, besides crumbs, dirt, etc. If nothing else somehow doesn’t work, then resort to the vacuum. It’s recommended to have one regardless as part of your arsenal of get-rid-of-pet-haircleaning equipment. Using a damp squeegee on microfiber to loosen up the pet hair makes per hair removal much-much easier. After loosening up the hair you can simply vacuum up the excess pet hair you just worked loose.


Brushing your dog and/or cat at least once daily will result in ridding your pet’s coat of loose hair. Additionally, and more importantly, you’ll be maintaining healthy skin and coat for your pet(s). There’s a special brush that can assist you with carrying out this task. Inquire about it at your local pet store.

With a lint roller, vacuum, and specialized pet brush at your side, the amount of pet hair roaming around in your house would be reduced tremendously.

Here’s a how to video that shows a step-by-step guide to easily remove hair:

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